David Sutton’s Cigar Box Guitars


Coming from a long line of teachers and tradesmen, perhaps it was inevitable that David Sutton would write a book showing people how to build something.

During his quarter century as a professional photographer, David has always managed to steal time for handiwork, one way or another. Whether restoring old hand tools, carving wood, making jewelry or building little guitars, he has always found something there that couldn't be replaced by his more practical pursuits.

David gets a similar satisfaction from his charitable efforts (primarily through Sutton Studios), which have helped to raise over a million dollars for dozens of animal and human welfare organizations.  And now this: a book that he crafted for many months and still can hardly believe is here*.  He sincerely hopes that you enjoy this book even half as much as he enjoyed putting it together.



Cigar box guitars

by writer/photographer David Sutton

(Fox Chapel Publishing)

David Sutton by Marc Hauser